Grr run into this before, you create a new folder, give it a new name and somehow your cluster thinks, nah we already have that in there. I double and triple checked ‘Share and Storage Management’, there was no shared folder like that for sure.

Well, good ‘ol regedit to the rescue.

And indeed, for some odd reason, there was a key with that name in there.

If you find a share that doesn’t belong, you can delete the key for the share on all nodes.


“The beginning is the most important part […]”

is a famous quote by Plato. However to be begin something you have to end something. I am going to part with my current employer and move on to bigger and better things. I appreciate the last 18 month that I was able to help you out and you were giving me the opportunity to grow.

This Friday, August 7th will be my last day. Goodbye!

Also looking forward my new opportunity starting Monday, August 10th. Looking forward to it!