You might not even notice until you need it, but when you install the RSAT tools on Win 10 for 1709, the DNS manager console is missing. That’s exactly what happened to me. I needed to add some records in DNS and oops, where is it?

Well, there is a KB article on it, so there is a fix. :¬)

  1. Check if KB 2693643 is installed, if so uninstall it
  2. Create a temporary directory to put stuff in it
  3. Create a “installx64.bat” file with the following content: [assuming you run a 64 bit Windows]

    4. Create a “unattend_x64.xml” file with the following content:

    5. Download the RSAT tools and put the msu file in the same folder

    6. Start a command prompt with administrative permissions and run the “installx64.bat”

    Once completed, you should have your full set (including DNS) of RSAT tools back


The application has failed to start because the side-by-side configuration is incorrect

Ugh, yeah one of those… alright let’s have a look…

So after (successfully) installing it, it does not want to start, so we have to do some tracing.

Eventlogs tells you only so much unfortunately so we look in the SxsTrace.exe  for help

This will open the SxSTrace.txt file which will have all the information about the error.

If that did not create any helpful information (but I hope it did) there are other steps that might help:

and let’s try DISM

Last resort options are a System Restore or updating .NET to the latest version.






Office 2016 and 2013 users who use run-a-script rules are discovering their scripts are currently disabled (as is Start Application), thanks to a security update. When the update is installed, any existing run-a-script and run application rules will be disabled.




^ that option, ‘start application’ is missing.

The fix is easy, as usual, just a registry key.  :o)