I was today stuck in a 2003 VM for a while…. no intergration AGHr…. here some things that are REALLY helpful. :o)



We have a Terminal Server and need to install Office without a Volume License.

According to THIS, that is allowed with E3 licensing.





So, a couple of things to note here:

1. RDS is not permitted for Small Business premium
2. RDS IS permitted for M, E3 and E4
3. There are no caveats or foot notes as there used to be

Now the actual question, HOW do you do it?

Here the answer:

1. Start by downloading the “Office Deployment Tool for Click-To-Run” and extract it in a shared directory.

2. Navigate to your extracted folder (in our example \\server\o365) and edit the ‘configuration.xml’ file following the Microsoft guidelines:

3. Open CMD, navigate to the extraction folder (e.g. C:\O365) and run:

Let it run it will download the installer, it will create a new folder called ‘Office’ and should be about 1GB once it finished.

4. Run the installer from CMD

Once that is done you should have O365 installed and it can be activated with individual O365 (E3) licenses. :o)




We needed to change login scripts, or rather remove ’em as we replace ’em with GPOs. I exported the current scripts to a TXT and then just cleared the field in AD.



For SPLA Licencing , we have to report the amount of users we have in AD, which can be quite a pain, the more ADs and OUs are there.

With this one-liner you can get those numbers quicker.