I am a big fan of MSFT’s Remote Desktop Connection Manager, I have dozens of servers in it at my work, so I started tinkering around with it at home, especially in mind connecting to all my VMs  on my Hyper-V test lab.

Turns out, is is not as straight forward as you’d think it’d be.

Here is how to get it to work:

  1. There are issues with the authentication. Adding the following registry keys fixes that:
  2. Even though you might be a local admin on the Hyper-V Host, add your account to the ‘Hyper-V Administrators’ Group.
  3. Get the ID of the VM you want to connect to
  4. Now we can go to the RDCMan man and add a new server
    – Server name: Is the name of your Hyper-V Host (NOT the VM)
    – Check ‘VM console connect’ and paste the ID we got via PowerShell
    – You can put whatever you want as ‘Display Name’
  5. Test and see if you can connect. To connect you have to provide the credentials to log in to the HYPER-V HOST, not the VM.

Now you should be able to use RdcMan to connect to your VMs, be it Window Linux, or anything else you can run as a VM. :o)

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